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The designer handbags of The Saturdays

The Saturdays, sans Una and Frankie, were spotted leaving Radio 1 a few days ago carrying some great designer bags. I love how they all choose different designers to suit their own style, as well as choosing the more distinctive and iconic models.

Mollie King carries a white version of the classic Mulberry Bayswater handbag, though I usually prefer darker shades I think the white gives the bag a more modern look. The Bayswater is available on the Mulberry online store for £750.

Rochelle Wiseman was photographed with the Lanvin Amalia, opting to carry it as a top handle rather than as a shoulder bag. I love the style of the Lanvin handbags as they have just enough room and lots of cute details on the shoulder strap, it’s no wonder the Happy and the Amalia are becoming increasingly popular.

You can purchase a Lanvin Amalia in cream similar to Rochelle’s at Zoe for $1,995.

It’s no surprise as to which bag Vanessa White was carrying – her favourite Louis Vuitton Alma in Monogram Vernis pomme d’amour. I’m not usually too keen on the Alma model but seeing Vanessa’s red Vernis, it’s growing on me. You wouldn’t think it but she manages to work well with all her outfits, despite being so bright.

The Alma MM is available to purchase from most Louis Vuitton boutiques for £1,260, full specs on the website.

Images via The Saturdays Daily, Zoe, Louis Vuitton and Mulberry

Paris Hilton adds a new Louis Vuitton bag to her collection!

Paris Hilton has bought yet another Louis Vuitton handbag as she was spotted out shopping with sister, Nikki, carrying the Monogram Vernis Alma. The classic model was originally designed in the 1930s – it’s great to see timeless styles, such as this and the Vuitton speedy. The Monogram Vernis line, however, wasn’t introduced until 1998 after Marc Jacobs became art director.

The particular shade that Paris is carrying in this photo is bleu nuit, first seen in spring 2008 and still available on Louis Vuitton’s e-store for $2100.

Images via LV