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Buy Emma Watson’s Glastonbury Handbag – Valentino Fringed Leather Bucket Bag

The Valentino handbag Emma Watson was photographed carrying while at Glastonbury is now available to buy online. As I stated before, I can’t believe she chose such a prestigious brand with a rather high retail price of £1900, no matter how well it accompanied her outfit. I was glad to see a closeup of those details though as Valentino handbags always consist of stunning detail.

The bucket bag features triangular-shaped fringing of gun-metal pyramid studs, with bow detail on the shoulder strap, perhaps in attempt to take away some of its edge in Valentino style. I’m betting the three internal pockets, silver zipped pocket on the side and overall large size proved to be very practical for Emma when she was at Glastonbury.

You can buy Emma Watson’s Valentino Fringed Leather Bucket Bag at Net-a-Porter for £1900. If you do though, please be careful when toting it around muddy festival sites!

Images via JJ and Net-a-Porter

Emma Watson carries the Louis Vuitton Flat Bag

Emma Watson was spotted with the Louis Vuitton s/s 2010 Flat bag while at Glastonbury, as well as her larger Valentino bag. Although these bags might be the appropriate style for a festival, taking a £970 bag to a festival where it will surely end up coated in mud? really, Emma?

The Flat messenger features the monogram underground – essentially the regular monogram in an embossed goat leather. Like many bags from the collection it includes a long, adjustable shoulder strap for an urban chic look and a small zip front pocket.

I love the bright hues on these summer Vuitton handbags, this particular style comes in both a pink (like Emma’s) and a lime green shade. If only they could come without the almost twee, little pom-poms!

You can purchase the Flat Bag at Louis Vuitton boutiques [or maison] for £970, unfortunately this one isn’t available to purchase online but full specs are available on the LV website.

Images via Louis Vuitton