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Nordstroms Catalogue showcases the most anticipated Fall Handbags!

Coco Rocha holds some beautiful accessories from the fall/winter collections in this new shoot for Nordstroms upcoming catalogue, including a new leopard version of the Celine Luggage Tote. I knew the brand was creating several leopard print styles such as with their classic box bag which looked great, so it’s great to see it available in the Luggage too. Pictured on the right is a bag from Prada’s f/w collection.

No suprise that the popular (and slightly overused?) Dolce & Gabanna Miss Siciliy would make an appearance, though I’m not usually a fan I must admit that the new detail on the sides of the emblem look like a nice touch. I’m really glad they paid so much attention to one of the Alexander McQueen knuckle duster clutches, it’s definitely deserving of its own page with such detail!

You can see the full shoot and even more fabulous pieces on FabSugar.

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