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Gaga Defaces Another Hermès Birkin

Lady Gaga was carrying a rather distinctive version of the Hermès Birkin bag when leaving a studio in London the other day. It looks like she’s gone all DIY and coated the bag in spikes. I haven’t decided whether I love or hate this new gagafied version yet but I don’t think I could ever find the courage to do something to such a pretty handbag, especially given that it retails for around £9000! Click below to see a close up of the handbag.

From these pictures it looks like she’s toting it around with caution, maybe only side of spikes or studs would have sufficed?

I do like how she’s managed to give such an iconic and classic handbag a modern edge (literally lol!) to suit her own style and I prefer this to her previous DIY attempt – let’s not forget the time she defaced her white Birkin with marker pen in homage to her Japanese fans.

Images from Faded Youth Blog

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