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Featured Collection: Leighton Meester

This past week Leighton Meester has been photographed carrying a multitude of designer handbags both on and off the Gossip Girl set, some of which are straight off the runway! I’ve already posted her with the Céline Luggage tote and Derek Lam Blanche bag but with all these new additions I think she’s deserving of her own post!

On the Gossip Girl set

I’m not at all surprised they chose the Louis Vuitton fall 2010 handbag, Cuir Cinema for Leighton’s character – it’s a classic shape that’s very Blair-esque and also on trend in the grey (gris bleu to be specific) shade they’ve chosen. This model retails at $4450 and will be available in Louis Vuitton boutiques from September.

She was also spotted with another Mulberry Alexa handbag, the second since the filming of the fourth season. I must admit that although it’s a great handbag I couldn’t see Blair Waldorf jumping on the Alexa bandwagon. Especially seeing as it’s such a popular choice and now last season – it’s pictured above on the Mulberry spring ad campaign. I’d of thought something more structured such as the PS1, would have been a better fit.

Off the set of Gossip Girl

Now off set and boarding a flight at LAX, Leighton sticks with the established names and chooses a bag from the Miu Miu spring/summer collection for her trip. You might already recognise the handbag as it’s a favourite of Rachel McAdams and Cheryl Cole, also being a part of the collections ad campaign. I think she manages to incorporate the bright shade into her outfit well.

Her chevron-quilted Miu Miu available to pre-order on Bergdorf Goodman in light grey for $1990.

For her more casual look she chose a handbag from the Missoni spring 2009 collection. I’d never have guessed this was an older style and by a designer known more so for knitwear if it hadn’t been for the discrete logo. I love those cute details on the top of the bag and the light beige shade – it just looks so polished. It’s a shame about the high price tag of £560.

With the fourth season of Gossip Girl still being filmed in New York I’m betting it won’t be long until another Blake or Leighton post!

Images via Elle, Ilvoelv and Gossip Girl Fan

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