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Balenciaga Bags Go Suede for Fall ’10

I’ve been waiting for some new photos of Balenciaga’s new suede handbags, part of their fall/winter 2010 collection, so I was glad to see that Caroline over at Caroline’s Mode had taken a few snaps of the bags at Nathalie Schuterman (currently having a great sale btw). Pictured above you can see Balenciaga’s classic motorcycle styles in green and sand shades. I’ve yet to see the suede bags with gold hardware but I think the silver looks well suited to the new fabric.

More photos behind the cut.

As well as the City, you can also purchase the larger Velo (£840) and a new messenger style (£585) in the fabric, both of which are now available on My Theresa.

Although I like that Balenciaga is constantly bringing out new shades for the bags, it’s nice to see more variation, especially as the prices don’t differ too much from the distressed leather. However, I’d be curious of the durability of these new bags seeing as they’re still rather expensive.

I’ll be on the look out for the perforated leather styles next, if only I could decide which to buy before the season’s over!

Images via Carolines Mode and MyTheresa

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