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Month: August 2010

Celebrities attend the opening of Louis Vuitton Santa Monica

Celebrities attend the opening of Louis Vuitton Santa Monica

The opening of Louis Vuitton Santa Monica to benefit Heal the Bay last week boasted an impressive guest list with attendees such as Dita Von Teese, Rachel Zoe and Kristen Bell. The event allowing them to support a good cause while showing off their gorgeous Louis Vuitton accessories and ready-to-wear pieces.


Emmy Rossum carries the Coach New Hamptons Flap

Emmy Rossum carries the Coach New Hamptons Flap

Emmy Rossum was photographed at Target with an olive Coach New Hamptons leather flap handbag. It’s not really an exceptional design but with a price tag of $398 it’s a little more attainable than most celebrity choices. This particular model is out of stock online but available at Coach stores, full specs on the website.

Blake Lively carries the Mulberry Leah Hobo

Blake Lively carries the Mulberry Leah Hobo

Mulberry seems to be a Gossip Girl favourite next season as whilst filming we’ve already spotted the Neely, two Alexas and now the new Leah Hobo. Blake Lively aka Serena toted the bag and a Louis Vuitton iPad case to complete her summery ensemble.

Along with the Margarets and Neelys this new Leah handbag is part of of the Mulberry autumn/winter collection. With the eyelets giving the bag a drawstring-like effect and two exterior pockets it’s quite a casual choice that seems quite suited to the utility trend, if it wasn’t such a bright blue leather. I like how though it contains so much detail it doesn’t look too busy, the ‘Lucky Penny’ charm adding some traditional Mulberry style.

It retails at £650 and not available just yet – how do Gossip Girl get all these new season handbags so quickly? but you can find more colours and the full specs on the Mulberry website.

Mary-Kate Olsen carries an aged Hermès Kelly

Mary-Kate Olsen carries an aged Hermès Kelly

Mary-Kate arrived at LAX with a more distinctive carry-on piece, what looks to be a very worn or even vintage Hermès Kelly. Considering the quality of the Hermès handbags I wonder how old it is to have gained that amount of wear and tear? I’m betting it will still be worth more than most designer purses though!

The classics come out at the Original Collection launch at Henri Bendel

The classics come out at the Original Collection launch at Henri Bendel

I love this photo of Olivia Palermo, Kelly Rutherford and Jamie-Lynn Singer at the Henri Bendel Original Collection launch. Despite a variation in age and different career tracks, they all rely on the classic accessories from Hermès and Chanel to complete their looks.

Socialite Olivia Palermo opted for her favourite crocodile Hermès Jige clutch, which although she’s been carrying to events for a few seasons (and the Jige model being decades old now) still seems a very in-vogue style and shade for fall. Once again Kelly Rutherford carried one of her Birkins – is it really a surprise after she named her son Hermès? Jamie-Lynn Sigler stuck with a safe it-bag choosing a Chanel Classic Flap, a timeless albeit slightly common handbag. Even paired with quite a casual denim jacket and shorts it seems to work well and make her ensemble look a little more sophisticated.

Which is your favourite bag at the event?

The most functional [and stylish!] designer iPhone acessories

With the growing popularity of the Apple iPhone and the time spent using gadget, the decorative iPhone case is another chance for us to express ourselves through our accessories. It seems like the designers are starting to recognise this need need for a stylish way to customise the fundamental gadgets.

Though some that cases I’ve seen seem rather extortionate for what’s essentially a strip of leather (or crocodile in the Nancy Gonzalez styles!) you can’t say that it won’t be well used and will most likely find a permanent spot in your handbag. Until you buy a new phone that is.


Featured Collection: Leighton Meester

This past week Leighton Meester has been photographed carrying a multitude of designer handbags both on and off the Gossip Girl set, some of which are straight off the runway! I’ve already posted her with the Céline Luggage tote and Derek Lam Blanche bag but with all these new additions I think she’s deserving of her own post!

On the Gossip Girl set

I’m not at all surprised they chose the Louis Vuitton fall 2010 handbag, Cuir Cinema for Leighton’s character – it’s a classic shape that’s very Blair-esque and also on trend in the grey (gris bleu to be specific) shade they’ve chosen. This model retails at $4450 and will be available in Louis Vuitton boutiques from September.

She was also spotted with another Mulberry Alexa handbag, the second since the filming of the fourth season. I must admit that although it’s a great handbag I couldn’t see Blair Waldorf jumping on the Alexa bandwagon. Especially seeing as it’s such a popular choice and now last season – it’s pictured above on the Mulberry spring ad campaign. I’d of thought something more structured such as the PS1, would have been a better fit.

Off the set of Gossip Girl

Now off set and boarding a flight at LAX, Leighton sticks with the established names and chooses a bag from the Miu Miu spring/summer collection for her trip. You might already recognise the handbag as it’s a favourite of Rachel McAdams and Cheryl Cole, also being a part of the collections ad campaign. I think she manages to incorporate the bright shade into her outfit well.

Her chevron-quilted Miu Miu available to pre-order on Bergdorf Goodman in light grey for $1990.

For her more casual look she chose a handbag from the Missoni spring 2009 collection. I’d never have guessed this was an older style and by a designer known more so for knitwear if it hadn’t been for the discrete logo. I love those cute details on the top of the bag and the light beige shade – it just looks so polished. It’s a shame about the high price tag of £560.

With the fourth season of Gossip Girl still being filmed in New York I’m betting it won’t be long until another Blake or Leighton post!

Images via Elle, Ilvoelv and Gossip Girl Fan

Nordstroms Catalogue showcases the most anticipated Fall Handbags!

Coco Rocha holds some beautiful accessories from the fall/winter collections in this new shoot for Nordstroms upcoming catalogue, including a new leopard version of the Celine Luggage Tote. I knew the brand was creating several leopard print styles such as with their classic box bag which looked great, so it’s great to see it available in the Luggage too. Pictured on the right is a bag from Prada’s f/w collection.

No suprise that the popular (and slightly overused?) Dolce & Gabanna Miss Siciliy would make an appearance, though I’m not usually a fan I must admit that the new detail on the sides of the emblem look like a nice touch. I’m really glad they paid so much attention to one of the Alexander McQueen knuckle duster clutches, it’s definitely deserving of its own page with such detail!

You can see the full shoot and even more fabulous pieces on FabSugar.

Lily Allen carries a new Miu Miu Chevron-Quilted Top Tote

Lily Allen looks to have made a Miu Miu purchase, for the past week she’s been spotted with a new handbag from their new collection.

The chevron-quilted top tote was a prominent part of the upcoming seasons ad campaign but I almost think it looks nicer carried by Lily in the candids! I love the shape with the frame on the top then gradually extending out, it reminds me a little bit of the Prada handbags. Plus, the gold hardware on either side on the frame is a cute little addition to match the oblig Miu Miu logo!

Though this particular model isn’t available online yet, you can purchase the Miu Miu top tote in nero leather on Bergdorf Goodman for $1,295.

American Retro features Balenciaga and Chanel

The new American Retro collection was presented yesterday and it featured some unlikely handbags. Two of the models carried canvas tote which featured sketches of two major it-bags from Balenciaga and Chanel. The brand is all about accessible fashion after all!

With the way the bbags top handle is layed out on this canvas tote it’s a good alternative to the real thing.

The attention to detail on both totes are great but I think I prefer the Balenciaga, I wonder how much it will cost?

Check out the rest of the American Retro collection on Caroline’s Mode.