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Month: May 2010

Gaga Defaces Another Hermès Birkin

Lady Gaga was carrying a rather distinctive version of the Hermès Birkin bag when leaving a studio in London the other day. It looks like she’s gone all DIY and coated the bag in spikes. I haven’t decided whether I love or hate this new gagafied version yet but I don’t think I could ever find the courage to do something to such a pretty handbag, especially given that it retails for around £9000! Click below to see a close up of the handbag.


Valentino Glam Bird Handbag

I’ve always been a fan of the classic, almost vintage-esque handbags so I was pleasantly suprised upon viewing Candy Pratt’s fall accessory report at a few weeks ago that there was an entire section dedicated to the trend. I hadn’t had to look much when I’d already added a few items to my [totally unrealistic dream] wishlist; Gucci shoes, a Ralph Lauren croc bag and the Fendi square bag but none of which compared to this gorgeous Valentino Bird Handbag!

I’m not usually a fan of the Valentino bags, the totes are nice but a bit too sparkly for my style but I do love this bag. The elegant shape, not to mention the super cute details, the bird and the little ruffles underneath – it’s so pretty! and the simple black and white is so chic. So, the bird clasp may get a bit irratating and realistically white isn’t a great choice but this bag seems much too special to be used for everyday purposes.

Regardless of its price or practicaility I’ll be keeping a look out of this bag later this year and I cannot wait to get some more shots of it.

Update: According to British Vogue the Glam Bird retails at £1,050 – am I a bit crazy to think that’s quite reasonable?

It sure is an unconventional way of displaying handbags…

Photo from

Is it slightly ironic that in my first post here I’m showing a photo of one of my most conveted handbags of all time displayed on a mannequins head? I’m sure you all recognise this as the stunning display at the new Louis Vuitton maison on Bond Street and although I won’t be doing a lot of similiar posts I feel the mix of the past collections featured inside the maison is definitely blogworthy. Especially with the adaptations of the Speedy on display in what seems more like an exhibition than an actual store.